Figure 5 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2598-2607.

Figure 5. Quantification of MTT assay. A: and DAPI-stained nuclei B: data showing the effects of nanoparticles on cellular proliferation and survival/loss. A: Cell proliferation was quantified by measuring reduction of tetrazolium to formazan by live cells in MTT assay. The nanoparticles treatment to HCF did not cause overall impact HCF proliferation except showing early transient decrease in cellular proliferation at 2- and 6-h time points (22–24±3%; p<0.05) compared to untreated control. B: The DAPI-stained nuclear counting showed that nanoparticles are non-cytotoxic to HCF at 12 and 24 h.