Figure 4 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2598-2607.

Figure 4. Immunocytochemistry showing the effects of nanoparticles-mediated sTGFβRII gene transfer on αSMA and myofibroblast inhibition. No αSMA+ cells were detected in un-transfected HCF grown in the absence of TGFβ1 A: and >80% αSMA+ cells were detected in cultures grown in presence of TGFβ1 B: The nanoparticles mediated sTGFβRII-Fc gene delivery into HCF decreased αSMA+ cells D: >90% compared to TGFβ1-treated (p<0.001) and >68% than lipofectamine-delivered sTGFβRII C: p<0.01. Scale bar denotes 50 μm.