Figure 2 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2598-2607.

Figure 2. Real-time PCR. A: and ELISA B: showing quantification of delivered transgene gene copy number and protein levels in human corneal fibroblasts. The nanoparticle-transfected cultures showed high 4.5×104 plasmid copies per µg DNA. This was statistically more than the lipofectamine or un-transfected cultures (ψ; p<0.001). Also, nanoparticle transfected cultures showed significantly high 7,030±87 pg/ml of sTGFβRII levels in ELISA assay of culture medium compared to un-transfected (ψ; p<0.001) and lipofectamine-transfected (ϕ; p<0.01) cultures. Lipofectamine-transfected HCF showed 1640±100 pg/ml of sTGFβRII (*, p<0.001 compared to un-transfected). The un-transfected HCF showed undetectable protein levels of sTGFβRII.