Figure 4 of Glover, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2309-2322.

Figure 4. Retinal morphology is normal in cdh23 mutants. Zebrafish lines carrying one of two different severe cdh23 mutant alleles, which each cause profound deafness/balance defects, were examined for retinal defects. A, B: Examination of 4 days postfertilization (dpf) retinal cryosections by differential interference contrast microscopy (left panel), by staining with the nuclear dye DAPI (middle panel), or by examining GABAergic amacrine cell morphology and the inner nuclear layer banding pattern with anti-GAD65/67 (right panel) showed that cdh23tc317e siblings (A) and homozygous mutants (B) had morphologically identical retinas. C, D: Siblings and mutants of the cdh23tj264a allele were raised to 17 dpf and their retinas were examined as in A, B. No differences in morphology between siblings and mutants were observed at this later stage of development. Scale bar=50 µm in A, left panel (applies to A and B left panels). Scale bar=20 µm for middle, right panels in A, C (also applies to image directly below).