Table 2 of Yu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2213-2220.

Table 2. Clinical features of affected individuals.

Affected individual Gender Age Surgery age Phenotype
II:1 Female 59 59 Nuclear cataract with ‘Y’ sutural opacities
II:4 Male 55 43 IOL, after cataract surgery
II:6 Male 53 41 IOL, after cataract surgery
III:1 Female 34 29 IOL, after cataract surgery
III:3 Female 33 No surgery Nuclear cataract with curd-like peripheral cortical opacities
IV:1 Female 6 No surgery ‘Y’ sutural opacities
IV:2 Male 8 8 zonular cataract with ‘Y’ sutural opacities and peripheral cortical opacities