Figure 4 of Liang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2195-2204.

Figure 4. IVCM images and IVCM scale analyses. HRT II IVCM images of rabbit ocular surface 4 h after the repeated instillations of PBS (column 1), CsA-CEm (column 2), CsA-AEm (column 3), CsA-oil (column 4), and 0.02%BAK (column 5). Results are shown for the superficial epithelium (line 1), basal epithelium (line 2: 10–15 μm from the superficial epithelium layer), limbus (line 3: 10–30 μm from the superficial epithelium layer), and CALT (line 4: 0–15 μm from dome layer). U: IVCM score, and V: inflammatory cell counts in the CALT for the different treatments. BAK 0.02%-treated eyes presented the greatest damage (superficial epithelium disorganization and significant inflammatory cell infiltration in both basal epithelium and limbus). Extremely heavy infiltration of inflammatory cells inside and outside the CALT structure can also be observed. The three CsA formulations induced some inflammatory cell infiltration mainly around the CALT structure without alteration of the corneal structure. (Images: 400 µm×400 µm). Note the similarity of P, Q, R, and S.* p≤0.03 compared to PBS and p<0.0001 compared to 0.02%BAK. # p<0.05 compared to CsA-AEm.