Figure 3 of Liang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2195-2204.

Figure 3. Microphotographs of the treated eyes 4 h after the 15 instillations and Draize test scores. Representative microphotographs of eyes treated with PBS (A, F), CsA-CEm (B, G), CsA-AEm (C, H), CsA-Oil (D, I), and 0.02% BAK (E, J) at the 4 h (H4) and 1 day (D) time points. The Draize test scores were calculated at each time point and reported in K. At the H4 time point, 0.02% BAK induced diffuse hyperemia, chemosis, and purulent secretions of the conjunctiva that receded at D1. Compared to PBS-treated eyes, the three CsA formulations induced slight to moderate hyperemia with neither purulent secretions nor chemosis at the three time points. At D1, only 0.02% BAK-treated eyes presented hyperemia. * p<0.02 compared to PBS and p<0.004 compared to 0.02% BAK. # p<0.01 compared to CsA-AEm, CsA-Oil, and 0.02% BAK. ◆ p<0.0001 compared to PBS. $ p=0.0003 compared to PBS, Cs-CEm, CsA-AEm, and CsA-Oil groups.