Figure 5 of Kong, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2165-2173.

Figure 5. Imaging of the morphological dynamics of posterior fiber cells following UVA irradiation. The morphological alterations of the fibers after 5 min (A), 30 min (B), 3 h (C), and 18 h (D) are shown. The round irradiation area (ring) exhibited no obvious changes after 5 min. The fibers on this area aggregated into globules after 30 min (B, C). After 18 h, the aggregation area enlarged to a triquetrous opaque and showed a liquid tremor (D). Three plaques of damage appeared on the adjacent area after 5 min (A), which became more severe after 30 min (B). This damage gradually faded, and it completely disappeared after 18 h (C, D). High-magnification images of the fiber changes after 30 min are shown in E and F. There are two different types of damages: the fibers on the irradiation area aggregated into globules (E, rectangle); the extracellular space between the fibers on the adjacent area became enlarged, but the fibers themselves did not break down (F, rectangle). Scale bars: AF=50 μm.