Figure 2 of Yang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2127-2136.

Figure 2. Detection of cell viability by MTT assay after tBHP exposure. After exposure to tBHP for 1 h, the cell viability of the SB203580(-) group was 69.35%±1.52%, while that of the SB203580(+) group was 81.08%±1.93%. After 2 h, the cell viabilities were 57.88%±2.20% and 76.72%±2.11% in the SB203580(-) and SB203580(+) group, respectively. The viability of SB203580(+) cells were significantly higher than that of SB203580(-) cells after exposure to tBHP. The data were presented as mean±SD, n=4, p<0.05. Data were presented as the percentage of viable cells compared with untreated (control) cells.