Figure 2 of Cho, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2012-2021.

Figure 2. Phenotypes of granular corneal dystrophy, type 2 (all carried the R124H mutation). A: A 16-year-old male, subtle superficial stromal tiny whitish dots. B: A 24-year-old female, rings or stellate-shaped snowflake stromal opacities appeared between the superficial stroma and the mid stroma. C: A 34-year-old male, lattice lines in the deeper cornea (white arrow). D: A 47-year-old female, star-shaped stromal opacities (yellow arrow). E: A 55-year-old male. F: A 65-year-old female, more superficial, translucent, flattened breadcrumb opacities. G: A 77-year-old female, opacities coalesced in the anterior stroma. H: A 39-year-old female with a history of LASIK surgery, diffuse, confluent, white, and small opacities (green arrow) coexisted with discrete and granular opacities (red arrow).