Figure 3 of Jester, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1828-1839.

Figure 3. DNA repair in quiescent keratocytes compared to proliferating fibroblasts following MMC exposure. MMC treated Keratocytes (A and B) and corneal fibroblasts (C and D) were stained with γH2AX (A and C, green), Ki67 (B and D, green) and DAPI (red) 24 h after treatment. Keratocytes showed only γH2AX staining while fibroblasts showed γH2AX and Ki67 staining. Comet assay (E) shows that MMC dose dependently increases the Comet tail in fibroblasts 24 h after treatment, while significantly decreasing the Comet tail in quiescent keratocytes.