Figure 3 of Bergeron, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1813-1822.

Figure 3. Validation of differentially expressed genes identified by the subtracted cDNA library and confirmed by microarray gene expression profiling. A: The mRNA expression level of selected genes down-regulated in UM (ADAM10, CALU, CTNNB1, DCT, PGCP, RAB27A, TRPM1, and TYRP1) was measured by semi-quantitative RT–PCR in pools of RNA from UVM and uncultured UM primary tumors (UM). The 18S RNA was used as an internal control of amplification (489 bp). B: Band density ratio calculated from A panels. 18S RNA band density was used for internal normalization, and ratio was calculated by dividing normalized values of UM by UVM.