Figure 3 of Han, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1755-1762.

Figure 3. Slit-lamp photographs and pedigree of mild family I. A, B: Patient 3, aged 22; C, D: Patient 4, aged 47. A, C: Right eye, B, D: Left eye. A: Granular opacity was observed around pupil margin at 7 o’clock in the anterior stroma in the right eye (black arrowhead). B: Nearly non-detectable corneal deposit was observed in the left eye. C, D: A few dot-like granular deposits (black arrowheads) were observed centrally in the anterior stroma in both eyes. The black arrow in the right eye indicates the mark of a soft contact lens. E: Pedigree of mild family I. Circles represent women, squares represent men. The filled symbols indicate affected individuals.