Figure 1 of Pras, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1712-1718.

Figure 1. Clinical findings in fundus albipunctatus patients. A: Fundus photograph of the left eye of patient MOL0427–1 at the age of 19 years showing multiple small white-yellow retinal spots and flecks with relative sparing of the fovea. B: ERG recordings of patient MOL0427–1 under scotopic conditions showing markedly reduced mixed cone-rod responses after 30 min of dark adaptation in both eyes. Following 3 h of dark adaptation in the right eye, the responses significantly improved and reached the normal range. C: Fundus photograph of the left eye of patient MOL0091–2 at 29 years of age. Small patches of yellowish atrophy at the fovea are apparent (arrowheads) in addition to preexisting punctata (asterisks).