Figure 3 of Hazra, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1701-1711.

Figure 3. Effect of EDTA on posterior capsular opacification. Miyake Apple posterior view shows opacification of posterior capsule in control eyes (A), a clear posterior capsule in EDTA treated eyes (B); and quantitative representation for degree of opacification (C). Histological section of the lens capsule from control (D) eyes shows increased number of LECs arranged in multilayers whereas reduced cellular proliferation in EDTA-treated eyes (E); and quantitative representation (F). Immunohistochemistry shows increased expression of MMP2 in the lens capsule from control eyes (G) and reduced expression in the lens capsule from EDTA treated eyes (H), quantitative representation (I), corresponding DAPI stained sections (J) and (K). Magnification: 20×; p<0.05.