Figure 7 of Yu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1668-1683.

Figure 7. Histopathology of optic nerve atrophy. Relative to the normal optic nerves of contralateral control eyes that received scAAV-GFP (A, B), the hallmark optic nerve atrophy of LHON was prominent in mouse eyes injected with MTS scAAV mutant ND4 that appeared thinner than the contralateral experimental eyes (C, D). E: A scatterplot with quantile boxes shows quantitation of the optic nerve head areas of COX8 MTS delivered mutant (G11778A) ND4 were smaller than those of controls injected with scAAV-GFP. The lowest line of the quantile plot represents the tenth percentile and the highest line the 90th percentile. The bottom of the quantile box represents the 25th percentile and the top of the box the 75th percentile, with the median value in the middle of the box. Median values are slightly different from the means. F: A scatterplot with quantile boxes shows axonal loss in MTS AAV mutant ND4 injected eyes relative to axon counts in scAAV-GFP injected eyes. Values for nine of the mutant ND4 injected nerves were below the 25th percentile for control optic nerves injected with scAAV-GFP.