Figure 6 of Yu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1668-1683.

Figure 6. Histopathology of RGC loss. Light microscopy of the eyes of mice euthanized a year post AAV injections confirmed the OCT findings of inner retinal loss induced by injection of the mutant ND4 MTS AAV showing marked focal thinning of the inner retina at low (A) and higher (B) magnifications. C: While experimental eyes of other animals did not exhibit such severe inner retinal atrophy, the more characteristic loss of cells in the ganglion cell layer was evident. Control eyes injected with scAAV-GFP showed no loss of the inner retina layers (D and E) or cells in the RGC layer (F). ON=optic nerve, RGC=retinal ganglion cell layer, INL=inner nuclear layer, and ONL=outer nuclear layer.