Figure 5 of Mimura, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1583-1593.

Figure 5. Immunohistochemistry for ANXA1 in ARPE-19 cells. ANXA1 immunostaining was detected in the nucleus and cytoplasm of ARPE-19 cells (A-E). After 60 and 120 min of infection, an intense immunoreactivity of ANXA1 was detected in the infected cells (B and C) as compared to control cells (A). In the later time points of infection (240 min and 24 h), decreased expression of ANXA1 was noted (D and E). Absence of ANXA1 immunostaining in ARPE-19 cells incubated with pre-immune serum (F). Counterstain: Hematoxylin. Bars: 10 µm. G: Densitometric analysis of ANXA1. Values (arbitrary units) are expressed as the mean±SEM of sections analyzed from 10 cells/ group. *p<0.001 versus the control group; #p<0.001 versus 60 min; +p<0.001 versus 120 min.