Table 1 of Mankus, Mol Vis 2012; 18:128-138.

Table 1. TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays. Real Time PCR was performed using 1 µl of each TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays from Applied Biosystems (Foster City, CA) to detect and quantify the corresponding mRNA target.

Applied Biosystems
TaqMan® Gene
Expression Assay
β-actin Mm026109580_g1
Collagen α1(I) Rn00801649_g1
Collagen α1(III) Mm00802331_m1
Collagen α1(V) Mm00489842_m1
Collagen α1(XII) Mm00483425_m1
Collagen α1(XIV) Mm00805269_m1
Lysyl Oxidase Rn00566984_m1
Lysyl Oxidase Like-2 Mm00804740_m1
Lysyl Oxidase Like-3 Mm00442953_m1
Lysyl Oxidase Like-4 Mm00446385_m1
Decorin Mm00514535_m1
Keratocan Mm00515230_m1
Biglycan Mm00455918_m1
Lumican Mm01248292_m1
Perlecan Mm01181165_m1
Syndecan 1 Rn00564662_m1
Syndecan 1 Rn00564662_m1
Syndecan 4 Rn00561900_m1