Figure 2 of Balaiya, Mol Vis 2012; 18:114-120.

Figure 2. Evaluation of cobalt chloride induced cytotoxicity and the induction of hypoxia. A: Hypoxia-induced growth arrest by cobalt chloride at various concentrations (100–700 µM) in choroidal endothelial cells; the concentration of cobalt chloride used for inducing hypoxia is represented on the x-axis and the percentage of viable cells normalized against control on the y-axis. B: The effects of hypoxia induced by cobalt chloride on the cell cycle. Choroidal endothelial cells (CECs) were treated with cobalt chloride at various concentrations (0 µM, 100 µM, 200 µM) for 24 h and analyzed for DNA content; representative data are displayed. (Mean+SE; n=3; *p<0.05).