Figure 1 of Huang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1260-1270.

Figure 1. Le-Cre mediated deletion of Cited2 and morphological changes in Cited2CKO mice. A: Expression of Cited2 was decreased in Cited2CKO mice compared to control (n=3, *p<0.05). Modest increase of HIF-1α and substantial increase of VEGF were observed in Cited2CKO mice. B: Under a dissecting microscope, eyes collected from Cited2CKO mice showed smaller sizes and cornea opacity (upper panel). H&E staining showed smaller lens, lens stalk (LS) formation at the anterior side of the lens, and hyaloid hypercellularity and aberrant vasculature at the posterior side of the lens in Cited2CKO mice (lower panel). The insets represent higher magnification of the areas indicated by arrows. C: Immunostaining with Cited2 antibody showed decreased expression of Cited2 (magenta) in Cited2CKO mouse lens. Counterstaining with DAPI (blue) indicated that Cited2 localized in the nucleus. H&E pictures were taken at 5× magnification to show the entire eye structure. DAPI pictures were taken at 10× using adjacent sections. Red box indicates the area shown in the Cited2/DAPI counterstained pictures (20×). Scale bar in each picture indicates 100 μm. D: Immunostaining with α-SMA, F4/80, and CD31 (red) showed composition of the hyaloid vascular system. Pictures were taken at 20× to show the red-boxed area. Scale bar in each picture indicates 100 μm. A↔P: anterior and posterior orientation of the eye.