Figure 8 of Lei, Mol Vis 2012; 18:103-113.

Figure 8. Rod outer segment phagocytosis by macrophage cells. A: Confocal micrographs of macrophage cells incubated with FITC-modified HNE-ROSs at 1 h (top, second) and at 24 h (top, third), and bleached rod outer segments (ROSs) at 24 h (top, right). FITC-ROSs co-localized well with macrophage cells that stained with a fluorescent acidotropic probe of Lysotracker Red, which show as yellow spots in microphotographs. There was more co-localization in cells fed with HNE-ROSs than in cells fed with bleached-ROSs at 24 h. B: Color channel separation for the cells fed with HNE-modified ROSs at 24 h. Scale bar=10 μm.