Figure 5 of Zhu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1156-1164.

Figure 5. Comparison of the amount of recombinant TGFBI secreted from HCE and HeLa cells. HCE and HeLa cells (lane 1–lane 4: HCE, lane 5–lane 8: HeLa cells) were transfected with wild-type (WT) and the two mutant TGFBI plasmids. Control represents HCE or HeLa cells without transfection with plasmids. Media from overexpressed cells were collected and analyzed with an anti-myc antibody. The expression level of the R555W mutant protein was much higher than that of the T538P mutant protein. Moreover, the HCE cells expressed more full-length mutant protein than the HeLa cells. This result indicates the cell type and mutation affect the TGFBIp expression level.