Figure 3 of Cheng, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1107-1114.

Figure 3. Alpha1 GABAA (α1), GABAB (B) and rho1 GABAC (ρ1) receptor protein distribution in chick cornea (C) and retina (R). With antibodies for alpha1 GABAA, GABAB and rho1 GABAC receptors, immunoreactivity was observed in corneal epithelium cell for alpha1 GABAA (α1) and rho1 GABAC (ρ1; yellow arrow), but not for GABAB receptor (B) in the cornea (C). In the retina (R), immunoreactivity was found in the inner plexiform layer, outer plexiform layer, inner nuclear layer, and ganglion cell layer for alpha1 GABAA (α1), GABAB (B) and rho1 GABAC (ρ1) receptors, corresponding to previous reports [6-11,15]. There was essentially no immunoreactivity observed for the negative controls (N.C). The scale bar is 10 µm. Photographs were taken at 40× magnification.