Figure 1 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:974-982.

Figure 1. Schematic presentation of the study design. As described in the Methods, C57BL/6 mice received BMCs on Day 0 from BALB/c donors. Prior to BMT, 3 groups of C57BL/6 mice (20 mice/group) were pre-treated with either SEB (Day −7), CYP (Day −1) or Normal Saline (NS; Day −7). Another 3 groups received either SEB (Day −7), CYP (Day −1) or NS (Day -7) without BMT were used as control. At 7 days post-BMT, each C57BL/6 mouse received a corneal transplant from a BALB/c donor. Bone marrow chimerism in recipients was evaluated on Days 14, 28, and 56. Other tests were done post-BMT as described in the Results.