Table 5 of Kumar, Mol Vis 2011; 17:693-707.

Table 5. Correlation coefficient and p value between crystallins and gap junction protein gene mutations and visual parameters (degree of opacification and visual acuity).

Mutations Degree of opacification Visual acuity
CRYGC:p.R48H r=0.1903, p=0.3139 r=-0.0747, p=0.6945
CRYGD:p.R95R r=0.0808, p=0.6711 r=-0.0490, p=0.7969
CRYGD:T564C r=0.0955, p=0.6154 r=0.04662, p=0.8067
CRYGD:rs11603779T>G r=0.0951, p=0.6170 r=0.0753, p=0.6922
GJA8:p.L268L r=-0.2252, p=0.2315 r=-0.1110, p=0.5594
GJA8:p.L281C r=-0.2252, p=0.2315 r=-0.2336, p=0.2394
Visual acuity r=0.1915, p=0.3100