Figure 6 of Barathi, Mol Vis 2011; 17:680-692.

Figure 6. Gene expression of muscarinic receptor 1-5 prior to and after induction of experimental myopia with atropine treatment. RT–PCR results for M1-M5 gene expression in 6 weeks minus lens treated sclera (A) and with atropine or saline treated sclera (B). A: Lane 1: DNA ladder, lane 2: Mouse brain cerebellum (positive control), lane 3: minus lens treated myopic sclera, lane 4: minus lens control sclera, lane 5: naive sclera, lane 6: water (negative control). B: Lane 1: DNA ladder, lane 2: atropine treated myopic sclera, lane 3: atropine treated control sclera, lane 4: saline treated myopic sclera, lane 5: saline treated control sclera, 6: water (negative control). C: 18s rRNA was also loaded in parallel to detect the DNA contamination for all samples used.