Figure 4 of Wang, Mol Vis 2011; 17:647-657.

Figure 4. The effect of BMP-2 on HSF in vitro. A: MTT Assay of the effect of BMP-2 on HSF proliferation at different concentration on 6th day. Absorbance value at a wavelength of 490 nm. HSF proliferation in the presence of BMP-2 (100 ng/ml) was significantly higher on day 6 than BMP-2 with other concentrations or controls (p<0.05, n=6). The asterisk *stands for p<0.05. The morphology of primary cultured human scleral cells (B) the cells not exposed with BMP-2; (C) the cells cultured with 100 ng/ml BMP-2 on day 6. Cultured scleral fibroblasts were incubated without (D) or with (E) BMP-2(100ng/ml) for 6 days. The expression of the myofibroblast-marker, α-SMA was assessed using fluorescent immunocytochemistry (FITC-labeled the second anitibody).