Figure 5 of Pan, Mol Vis 2011; 17:638-646.

Figure 5. Immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy were used to detect the expression of PAX and F-actin. F-actin was stained with FITC (A, D, and G) and PAX was stained with Texas red (B, E, and H). The areas of co-localization appear yellow in the merged sections (C, F, and I). When the cells were pretreated with genistein, the expression of PAX decreased (B, E, and H). Incubation with F. solani spores induced alterations in the F-actin microfilaments of the HCECs (A, D, and G). These results showed that the untreated HCECs exhibited normal morphology, while an actin rearrangement was noted in cells incubated with the F. solani spores. A combined treatment with genistein and the spores decreased the polymerization of actin, and the HCECs became more spreading than in the group incubated with F. solani spores.