Figure 1 of Burgess, Mol Vis 2011; 17:607-615.

Figure 1. Phase contrast photomicrographs of cell lines in subconfluent and overgrowth conditions. At passage 3, cell lines MEL20–06–039 (A and B), MEL20–06–045 (C and D) and MEL20–07–070 (E and F) show early stage propagation (A, C, and E) and late stage confluent propagation with heaped up cells and no evidence of contact inhibition (B, D, and F). Melanin production is evident in two cell lines (MEL20–06–045 and MEL20–07–070). Original magnification (A, C, E) 200×, (B, D, F) 100×. Scale bar is 30 µm.