Figure 1 of Pu, Mol Vis 2011; 17:591-597.

Figure 1. Expression of FRMD7 protein. A-F: FRMD7 protein expression in the brainstem of developing human fetal brain. Sections from human fetal brainstem tissue were examined by immunohistochemistry with anti-FRMD7 antibody. Positive staining (brown) was showed in the cytoplasm (arrows), and strong immunoreactivity was detected at 16–17 weeks post-conception (wpc) (A: 100×; D: 400×), while lower levels of FRMD7 immunoreactivity were observed at 21 wpc (B: 100×, E: 400×) and 25 wpc (C: 100×; F: 400×). Scale bars: (A, B, and C; 400 μm), (D, E, and F; 100 μm). G-L: Immunohistochemical staining of protein FRMD7 in the cortex of human fetal brain tissue using anti-FRMD7 antibody. Limited expression (arrow) was manifested in the cortex plate at 16–17 weeks post-conception (wpc; G: 100×; J: 400×), and at 21 wpc (H: 100×, K: 400×) and 25 wpc (I: 100×; L: 400×) there were little positive staining detected. Scale bars: (G, H, and I; 400 μm), (J, K, and L; 100 μm).