Figure 5 of Ammar, Mol Vis 2011; 17:583-590.

Figure 5. Comparison of two-photon microscopy (2PM) and conventional histology. A: A true radial histological section. B: A virtual radial-section calculated using data from the multiple z-sections imaged. The angle of this radial section is tilted 60° with respect to the face of the sclera, giving a diagonal cross section of the eye. The iris root (IR), Schlemm’s canal (SC, white arrows), collector channel (red lines and *), and TM (dotted lines) are visible in both images. The end of SC closest to the IR is visible in B, the 2PM image, but partially collapsed against the TM in A, the histological section. The connection between the collector channel and SC, outlined by red in the 2PM image in B, is also not visible in the histological section in A. Scale bar=100 µm.