Figure 3 of Ammar, Mol Vis 2011; 17:583-590.

Figure 3. An animation representing a three-dimensional rendering of a 136.3 µm thick z-stack of the TM region of the human eye imaged through the sclera. Rotation is around the y-axis, beginning −60 °C from the original xy-imaging plane through +60 °C. Schlemm’s canal is visible in the lower center. This animation can be viewed in the html version of the article. This image is a representative frame of the animation.

Note that the slide bar at the bottom of the quicktime movie can be used to manually control the flow of the movie, or double click on the image to automatically run the animation. If you are unable to view the movies, a representative frame from each movie is included below.

This animation requires Quicktime 6 or later.
Quicktime is available as a free download.