Figure 6 of Anderson, Mol Vis 2011; 17:355-379.

Figure 6. Twelve different neuronal classes generate at least seventeen distinct input-output motifs involving AII amacrine cells: 1, 2 represent the dopamine and glutamate inputs from TH1 axonal cells (AxCs); 3 and 4 are outputs to OFF ganglion cells (GCs) and OFF γ+ cone amacrine cells (AC); 5,6 are inputs from dual GABA/peptide amacrine cells; 7,8 is output to another class of γ+ amacrine cells; 9,10 are outputs to and inputs from OFF cone CBa bipolar cells (BCs); 11 is input from ON cone γ+ amacrine cells; 12 is coupling to several classes of ON cone CBb bipolar cells; 13 and 14 are coupling and ribbon inputs from CBwb BCs; 15 is input from AI amacrine cells; 16 is input from rod bipolar cells; 17 is coupling with other AII amacrine cells.