Figure 3 of Anderson, Mol Vis 2011; 17:355-379.

Figure 3. The computational molecular phenotyping (CMP) matrix for volume RC1 is bounded by CMP data sets and intercalated every thirty sections with ultrathin CMP sections that map molecular tags onto transmission electron microscope (TEM) data. Each row of 2 or 3 fields contains a TEM slice with its associated index number, one or more optical CMP channels composed of one to four molecular tags, and for fields in the inner nuclear and ganglion cell layer, overlay images of the CMP data registered onto the TEM channel. Each disc is 243 μm in diameter. The matrix was assembled from 32x down-scaled TEM data sets (70 nm/pixel). This represents a threefold oversampling of the optical data. The abbreviations and color key for the figure are: B, 1-amino-4-guanidobutane, color=cyan; E, glutamate, color=blue; G glycine, color=green; γ, GABA, color=red (slices 001, 371) or magenta (slices 62, 184, 312); τ taurine, color=gold (slice 001), red (slice 371), or orange (slices 122, 244); γG → γ magenta: G green; γGE → γ red, G green, E blue; γGEτ → γ red, G green, E blue + gold τ alpha channel overlay mask; γBE → γ red, B green, E blue; τQE → τ red, Q green, E blue.