Figure 15 of Anderson, Mol Vis 2011; 17:355-379.

Figure 15. The ON starburst amacrine cell stratum of the inner plexiform layer also contains long synaptic chains. A: Viking screen capture at locus x 59627, y 34285, z 240 shows four amacrine cells (A1, A2, A3, A4) forming a concatenated chain (yellow circles) in the stratum occupied by the dendrites of ON starburst amacrine cell C4890 (magenta). C4890 is also postsynaptic to AC1 (orange circle) in this and other sections. The synaptic chain was re-imaged at high-resolution (0.5 nm/pixel) and goniometric tilt in panels B-D. B: The AC1 → AC2 synapse viewed with 55° tilt. C: The AC2 → AC3 synapse viewed with 20° tilt. D: The AC3 → AC4 synapse viewed with 20° tilt. The scale for panel A is 1000 nm; for panels B-D it is 500 nm.