Figure 13 of Anderson, Mol Vis 2011; 17:355-379.

Figure 13. AI and AII amacrine cells display complex networks. A: Transmission electron microscope (TEM) section 062 shows γ+ AI AC 4943 and neighboring BCs and ACs (green) with a magenta GABA overlay. B: γ+ AI amacrine cell 4943 (red) spans the width of the RC1 volume and some of the cells associated with it are rod bipolar cells 518, 5923, 8586; OFF cone bipolar cell 5539; G+ AII amacrine cell, 476; G+ OFF amacrine cell, 7188. The circles over the proximal dendrites of amacrine cell 4943 denote sites of multiple amacrine cell synaptic inputs. C: Rod bipolar cell 8586 synapses onto AI AC 4943. D: AI AC 4943 onto synapses rod bipolar cell 5923. E: G+ AC 7188 makes a conventional synapse on AI AC 4943. F: AI AC 4943 receives serial conventional synapses. E denotes glutamate; G denotes glycine. The letter colors match the profiles in the image. The main panel is from section 168 and the yellow panel insert is from section 165.