Figure 1 of Anderson, Mol Vis 2011; 17:355-379.

Figure 1. The vertical bars represent section structure of the 0.25 mm diameter column of 341 transmission electron microscope (TEM) data set slices in volume RC1, imaged at 2 nm resolution. The horizontal bars represent capstone and individual intercalated computational molecular phenotyping (CMP) sections for molecular tagging. CMP images were captured at 70 nm/pixel and upsampled to 2.18 nm/pixel in Viking. The CMP skips in the TEM sequence were intentional and created no problems in process tracking. The gaps indicate unplanned capture skips in due to defects that prevented imaging. A block refacing event at section 306 caused a significant (350–400 nm) loss in the ganglion cell layer. At bottom, a single grid carrying three imaged sections is shown. The gold spot on each section indicates the area captured, each spot averaging over 1,000 individual captures at a magnification of 5,000×.