Table 1 of Abidi, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3541-3547.

Table 1. RB1 germline mutations identified in Moroccan patients with retinoblastoma

Patient g-positiona cDNA changeb Protein Location Laterality Occurrencesc
RB3 g.153347A>T c.1954A>T p.Lys652X Exon 19 Bilateral Yes (1)
RB4 g.39552_39553delTA c.371_372delTA p.Ile124ArgfsX5 Exon 3 Bilateral Yes (3)
RB5 g.162237C>T c.2359C>T p.Arg787X Exon 23 Bilateral Yes (62)
RB14 g.153332_153333delCT c.1939_1940delCT p.Lys647PhefsX4 Exon 19 Bilateral Yes (4)
RB16 g.56885delA c.640delA p.Ile214PhefsX4 Exon 7 Bilateral No
RB19 g.153346T>G c.1953T>G p.Tyr651>X Exon 19 Bilateral No
RB20, RB21 g.59649A>G c.719–2A>G Altered splicing Intron 7 unilateral No
RB26 g.78238C>T c.1654C>T p.Arg552X Exon 17 Bilateral Yes (63)
RB37 g.76460C>T c.1363C>T p.Arg455X Exon 14 Bilateral Yes (53)
RB39 g.65386C>T c.1072C>T p.Arg358X Exon 11 Bilateral Yes (60)