Table 2 of Gorbet, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3458-3467.

Table 2. Disclosed composition of the MPS used in the study [28].

Manufacturer Brand (abbreviation) Disinfecting Agent Buffer Other reported agents (surfactants and chelating agents)
Alcon Opti-Free Express (OFX) Polyquad® 0.001%, Aldox® 0.0005% Borate Sorbitol; citrate (citric acid), 0.05% EDTA; poloxamine (Tetronic 1304), aminomethylpropanol (AMP-95)
Alcon Opti-Free RepleniSH (OFR) Polyquad® 0.001%, Aldox® 0.0005% Borate Citrate, poloxamine (Tetronic 1304), non-anoyl ethylene-diaminetriacetic acid, propylene glycol
AMO Complete Moisture Plus (Complete) PHMB 0.0001% Phosphate Taurine; 0.01% EDTA; Poloxamer 237 (Pluronic F87); HPMC 0.15%; propylene glycol
Bausch & Lomb renu fresh (formerly ReNu MultiPlus; ReNu) PHMB 0.0001% Borate Sodium borate; Hydroxyalkylphosphonate (Hydranate™); 0.1% EDTA; Poloxamine (Tetronic 1107)
CIBA Vision SoloCare Aqua (Solo) PHMB 0.0001% Tris Sorbitol; 0.025% EDTA; dexpanthenol (provitamin B5); Pluronic F127 (poloxamer 407)