Figure 4 of Gorbet, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3458-3467.

Figure 4. HCEC caspase activation after 24 h contact with Lotrafilcon A (LA), Balafilcon A (BA), Lotrafilcon B (LB), Galyfilcon A (GA), and Comfilcon A (CA) lenses soaked in various MPS. Activation was measured by flow cytometry and the percentage of cells staining positive for caspase activation is reported. Apoptosis induced by 24 h growth factor withdrawal or exposure to 10% alcohol resulted in 46±15% and 26±13%, respectively, of cells staining positive for caspase activation. n=3 to 4, * significantly different from cells grown in the absence of lenses (p<0.0006), § significantly different from its respective PBS, Solo, ReNu soaked lens (p<0.01), # significantly different from respective OFX-soaked lens (p<0.005). OFX - Opti-Free Express; OFR - Opti-Free RepleniSH; ReNu - ReNu MultiPlus; Solo - SoloCare Aqua; PBS - phosphate buffer saline.