Figure 1 of Wu, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3364-3370.

Figure 1. Alkaline comet assay showed that HA could reduce BAC-induced DNA damage. HCEs were treated with four different concentrations of BAC with or without 0.2% HA. A: Tail length (TL). B: Tail moment (TM). C: Representative images of alkaline comet assay. Incubation at various concentrations of BAC for 30 min produced a significant increase in the level of TL and TM, whereas a combination of 0.2% HA and BAC showed a significant decrease. Differences were significant at p<0.001 (three asterisks) compared to control cells, and p<0.001 (three hash marks) compared between cells treated with BAC alone (BAC/HA-) and cells treated with a combination of 0.2% HA and BAC (BAC/HA+).