Figure 5 of Venters, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3347-3363.

Figure 5. The OCL contributes cells throughout the extent of the eye. A-C: Wholemount view of an E17 embryo where the OCL was infected focally with GFP expressing replication-incompetent virus at E3. A: The embryo head before dissection to expose the eye. B: GFP expression in the eye of the embryo after removal of the eyelids and cornea. GFP can be seen from the OCL at the lens (L) to the cut edge of the eyelid (asterisk). C: Higher magnification view of B, showing retention of GFP expressing cells at the OCL. Bright cells have delaminated from the OCL into the overlying mesenchyme (bracket). D: Low magnification view of a section through the GFP expressing region of ciliary body and neural retina of the embryo shown in A-C. GFP is present in the ciliary folds and in the neural retina. The posterior extent of GFP expression is indicated (arrow). GFP is present in the RPE at a posterior position (double arrowhead). E: Higher magnification of the boxed area in D. GFP expressing cells in the RPE are indicated (double arrow). F-R: Adjacent sections through the embryo in A-C. F-H: GFP expressing cells are co-labeled with Visinin in the neural retina (F). G-H: GFP alone (G) and combined with the bright-field image (H). GFP is present in the inner neural retina layer and the overlying pigmented epithelium (arrow). I-J: GFP and Visinin at the CMZ. GFP is present in the pars plana of the ciliary body, the CMZ (arrow), and in photoreceptors at the peripheral neural retina (arrowhead). K-L: GFP is co-localized with Collagen IX expressing tissue in the inner layer of the ciliary folds and is also present in the outer pigmented ciliary epithelium (arrowhead; L). M: GFP is present in the smooth-muscle in the mesenchyme of the iris (arrowheads). N: GFP is present in the iris mesenchyme in an MF20 expressing myocyte (arrow) O: GFP is colocalized with Pax3 expressing cells in the iris mesenchyme (arrows). P-R: GFP and Pax6 colocalize (arrow) in cells delaminating from the OCL into the mesenchyme overlying the iris epithelium and in the epithelial layers of the iris (white arrowhead) and ciliary folds (red arrows). Q: A higher magnification of P. R: Corresponding bright-field image with GFP expression. Scale Bars: 100 µm. The anterior eye is to the left in all sections except B and D. *; OCL, L; lens, CB; ciliary body, CMZ; ciliary margin zone, NR; neural retina, PE; pigmented epithelium, ONL; outer nuclear layer, INL; inner nuclear layer, IPL; inner plexiform layer, GCL; ganglion cell layer.