Figure 2 of Venters, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3347-3363.

Figure 2. Cells derived from the OCL are distributed through the peripheral neural retina and ciliary body. A-C: Whole mount views of eyes infected with GFP-expressing replication-incompetent retrovirus targeted to the OCL. Embryos were reincubated until E4.5 (A), E6.5 (B), and E9 (C). A: GFP expressing cells are evident as a spoke-line emanating from the OCL adjacent to the lens. B, C: The GFP expressing cells traverse the morphological boundary between the ciliary body and the peripheral neural retina (arrows, B and C). D-K: Coronal sections through the GFP expressing region of an OCL targeted eye. D: Phase contrast image of the eye with relevant features indicated. Boxed area represented at higher magnification in panels E-K. E: GFP is evident at the OCL (arrow), in the Collagen IX expressing ciliary body (red signal), posterior to the Collagen IX zone in the optic epithelia and axons (red arrows). Double arrowheads indicate the border between ciliary body and neural retina. F: GFP expressing cells are located in the hinge at the OCL (arrow) and in the anterior Collagen IX expressing region. G: GFP expressing cells are seen throughout the presumptive ciliary body. H: GFP expressing cells are located at the posterior ciliary body/ peripheral NR, where Hu expression is evident in a few cells (arrowheads). Blood vessels (bv) are autofluorescent. I: GFP expressing cells are present in the Hu expressing neural retina and GFP labeled axons are apparent (red arrows). J: GFP is also present in the outer, pigmented epithelium (arrows) over the neural retina. K: Progeny of cells (different embryo) infected with a virus encoding nuclear localized GFP show abundant GFP expression in the pigmented epithelium overlying the neural retina (arrows). Scale Bars: 100 µm. The anterior of the eye is to the left. OCL; Optic Cup Lip, L; lens, NR; neural retina, CB; ciliary body, bv; blood vessels.