Figure 5 of Mitra, Mol Vis 2011; 17:3224-3233.

Figure 5. Quantification of soluble and total rhodopsin in heterozygous ninaE mutants. A: Lysates equivalent of four heads were loaded onto a sodium dodecyl sulfate PAGE (SDS–PAGE) gel and probed with anti-Rh1 antibody, while Rab7 antibody was used as a loading control for western analysis. B: Whole head lysates equivalent to two wild-type heads and four heterozygous mutant heads were prepared and diluted for slot blot analysis as detailed in the Methods and probed with anti-Rh1 antibody. C: The blots probed with anti-Rh1 antibody were quantified to reflect the relative level of soluble versus total rhodopsin in mutant flies. Note the loss of wild-type rhodopsin intensity in (C) when mutant rhodopsin is co-expressed in the same photoreceptors. The difference in the levels of soluble versus total rhodopsin in each of the genotypes tested is statistically significant (p<0.014). Error bars are represented as average % Rhodopsin±SD. Each column represents the average of three biologic replicates.