Figure 6 of Burke, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2864-2877.

Figure 6. Effect of melanosomes on the sensitivity of individual ARPE-19 cells to H2O2-induced toxicity compared to cells with a comparable content of control particles (latex beads) in co-cultures. Live cell imaging of dynamic changes in nuclear PI fluorescence in ARPE-19 cells pre-loaded with latex beads or melanosomes (mel) and treated with H2O2 delivered as A: a pulse at 1000 μM or B: generated enzymatically by the addition of GOx at 30 mU/ml. Numbers of cells selected for analysis in the same co-culture wells containing the two particle types were as follows. A: beads, n=216 (triangles); mel, n=216 (black circles). B: beads, n=110 (triangles); mel, n=71 (black circles). Data are from representative experiments and are the percent of the pre-selected cells in each particle group surviving (no nuclear PI) with time. The shift to the right of the curves for mel illustrates the magnitude of the protective effect of mel relative to beads. The curves for the two particle types within each treatment protocol differ significantly (GraphPad Prism 5 survival analysis, p<0.02).