Table 3 of Ecker, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2856-2863.

Table 3. Pathway protein interactions that are exclusive to the aqueous or the vitreous.

Vitreous Aqueous
Antibody Antibody Rho p-value Antibody Antibody Rho p-value
AKT T308 PDGFR Y716 0.855 2.20E-04 αB-Crystallin AKT T308 0.875 4.00E-04
AKT T308 TIMP2 0.914 8.40E-05 αB-Crystallin BAD Ser112 0.799 3.00E-03
AMPK a1 S485 BCL2 T56 0.888 0.001 αB-Crystallin cKIT Y703 0.909 1.00E-04
AMPK a1 S485 COX2 0.802 0.003 αB-Crystallin CF-H 0.763 6.00E-03
AMPK a1 S485 HemeOx-1 0.937 1.80E-05 αB-Crystallin FGFR 0.911 1.00E-04
AMPK a1 S485 IL-8 0.943 1.40E-05 αB-Crystallin MMP-2 0.89 2.00E-04
AMPK a1 S485 IL-10 0.878 3.70E-04 αB-Crystallin PDGFR Y751 0.785 4.00E-03
AMPK a1 S485 MMP-9 0.82 2.00E-03 αB-Crystallin VEGFR2 Y951 0.864 6.00E-04
AMPK a1 S485 Musashi 0.93 3.40E-05 BAD Ser112 FGFR 0.919 6.50E-05
BAD Ser112 COX2 0.873 5.00E-04 BCL2 T56 FGFR 0.919 6.50E-05
BAD Ser112 PDGFR Y716 0.808 8.00E-03 BCL2 T56 IL-12 0.782 4.00E-03
BAD Ser112 PDGFR Y751 0.75 3.00E-03 BCL2 T56 MMP-14 0.858 1.00E-03
BAD Ser112 TIMP2 0.794 4.00E-03 BCL2 T56 VEGFR2 Y951 0.87 4.90E-04
BAD Ser112 VEGFR2 Y996 0.857 1.00E-03 cABL T735 CF-H 0.801 3.00E-03
BCL2 T56 COX2 0.861 1.00E-03 cKIT Y719 Integrin a5b1 0.862 2.00E-03
BCL2 T56 IL-1B 0.821 2.00E-03 cKIT Y719 PDGFR Y716 0.764 6.00E-03
BCL2 T56 IL-8 0.782 4.00E-03 cKIT Y719 PDGFR Y751 0.823 2.00E-03
BCL2 T56 Musashi 0.759 7.00E-03 C3a Integrin a5b1 0.8 3.00E-03
BCL2 T56 PDGFR Y716 0.782 4.00E-03 C5a TNF alpha 0.801 3.00E-03
BCL2 T56 PDGFR Y751 0.786 6.00E-03 C5a VEGFA 0.891 2.40E-04
BCL2 T56 VEGFR2 Y951 0.906 1.20E-04 C9 MMP-2 0.861 1.00E-03
BCL2 T56 VEGFR2 Y996 0.904 1.40E-04 C9 PDGFR Y716 0.793 4.00E-03
cABL T735 HemeOx-1 0.874 4.40E-04 C9 PDGFR Y751 0.784 4.00E-03
cABL T735 IL-1B 0.866 1.00E-03 C9 TIMP2 0.81 3.00E-03
cABL T735 IL-10 0.87 1.00E-03 FGFR MMP-9 0.835 1.40E-03
cABL T735 PDGFR Y716 0.804 3.00E-03 FGFR VEGFR2 Y951 0.814 2.30E-03
cABL T735 PEDF 0.782 4.00E-03 FGFR VEGFR2 Y996 0.81 2.50E-03
cKIT Y703 COX2 0.862 1.00E-03 IL-1B VEGFR2 Y951 0.762 6.00E-03
cKIT Y703 IL-1B 0.815 2.00E-03 Integrin a5b1 TNF alpha 0.801 3.00E-03
cKIT Y703 IL-10 0.762 6.00E-03 MMP-2 MMP-14 0.853 9.00E-04
cKIT Y703 MMP-14 0.86 1.00E-03 MMP-2 VEGFR2 Y951 0.82 2.00E-03
cKIT Y703 TIMP2 0.886 2.90E-04 MMP-9 MMP-14 0.862 1.00E-03
cKIT Y719 MMP-2 0.788 4.00E-03 MMP-14 VEGFR2 Y996 0.77 5.60E-03
COX2 MMP-9 0.888 2.60E-04 TNF alpha VEGFA 0.893 1.00E-03
COX2 TIMP2 0.809 3.00E-03        
COX2 VEGFR2 Y951 0.823 2.00E-03        
HemeOx-1 IL-1B 0.875 4.20E-04        
HemeOx-1 IL-8 0.915 7.90E-05        
HemeOx-1 Musashi 0.896 1.90E-04        
HemeOx-1 TNF alpha 0.786 4.00E-03        
HemeOx-1 VEGFR2 Y996 0.847 1.00E-03        
HemeOx-1 VEGFR2 Y1175 0.823 2.00E-03        
IL-1B IL-8 0.854 1.00E-03        
IL-1B IL-10 0.932 2.90E-05        
IL-1B Musashi 0.801 1.90E-04        
IL-8 IL-10 0.794 4.00E-03        
IL-8 Musashi 0.989 7.60E-09        
IL-8 VEGFR2 Y996 0.822 2.00E-03        
IL-10 Integrin a5b1 0.777 5.00E-03        
IL-10 MMP-2 0.889 1.00E-04        
IL-10 PDGFR Y716 0.932 2.90E-05        
IL-10 PDGFR Y751 0.839 1.00E-03        
IL-10 TNF alpha 0.819 2.00E-03        
IL-10 VEGFR2 Y996 0.911 9.60E-05        
Integrin a5b1 MMP-2 0.796 3.00E-03        
MMP-9 PDGFR Y751 0.788 4.00E-03        
MMP-14 TIMP2 0.89 2.40E-04        
MMP-14 VEGFR2 Y951 0.89 2.40E-04        
Musashi VEGFR2 Y996 0.784 4.00E-03        
Musashi VEGFR2 Y1175 0.773 5.00E-03        
PDGFR Y716 TIMP2 0.845 1.00E-03        
PDGFR Y716 TNF alpha 0.817 3.00E-03        
PDGFR Y751 TIMP2 0.896 1.90E-04        
PDGFR Y751 TNF alpha 0.809 3.00E-03        
PEDF VEGFR2 Y1175 0.899 1.60E-04        
TIMP2 VEGFR2 Y951 0.802 3.00E-03         
TIMP2 VEGFR2 Y996 0.792 4.00E-03        
TNF alpha VEGFR2 Y996 0.823 2.00E-03