Figure 1 of Wang, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2835-2846.

Figure 1. Endogenously secreted TGFβ1 promotes wound healing. HCFs were seeded on collagen in SSFM at 1×105 cells/ml in a 24 well dish. The next day cells were scratch-wounded and imaged (A) time zero, or incubated for 24 h with either (B) SSFM (C) 2 μg/ml anti-TGFβ1 antibody or (D) 2 μg/ml matched IgG control. Bar=200 μm, *inside lines denoting wounded area. E: Using T-Scratch software, percent cell migration into the wound margin at 24 h compared to time zero was calculated. Each condition was compared to SSFM, **p-value <0.01. F: To determine endogenous levels of TGFβ, HCFs were co-cultured with TMLC, which contain the PAI-1 promoter fused to the luciferase gene. This assay demonstrated that HCFs have 0.01 ng/ml active TGFβ. Experiments were repeated at least three times with similar results.