Figure 1 of Luck, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2759-2764.

Figure 1. Effects of ML-7 on mean back vertex focal lengths (±s.e.m). Line graphs show the effects of lenses treated with ML-7 (filled symbols) and vehicle (empty symbols) pre-, during, and post-accommodation. A: 1 µM (n=4), B; 10 µM (n=12), C: 100 µM (n=9). For all three dosage groups, focal lengths for the accommodation state were significantly shorter than those at rest (p<0.0001; denoted by asterisks). Daggers denote significant differences in BVFLs between ML-7- and vehicle-treated eyes at the same functional state. Insets: western blots showing relative amounts of phosphorylated myosin for all dosage groups. Please refer to the text for relative intensity values.