Figure 3 of Zhou, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2717-2723.

Figure 3. Zebularine decreased MeCP2 expression in LECs. A: Zebularine inhibited MeCP2 expression in a dose-dependent pattern. As the concentration of zebularine increased from 5 μM to 200 μM, the MeCP2 protein level decreased to 40% of the control level after zebularine treatment for 72 h. C: Zebularine also inhibited MeCP2 expression in a time-dependent pattern. After 1 to 72 h of treatment with 100 μM zebularine, the MeCP2 protein level gradually decreased to 55% of the control level. Densitometry analysis of three independent western blots shows quantitation of MeCP2 levels (B, D). *p<0.05. The error bar indicates mean±SEM.